A normal school boy

The school bell rings at 8:55
Students moving like ants on a trail
Daily assemblies for notices and information; this was the days before email
Sitting in rows, listening to the King of the swarm
Giving instructions on how to perform

But what of the school?
It had a pool
A brand new gym and a lunchtime club
Somewhere to go after we had eaten our grub

Now who taught RE?, it was Mr Moore
Who gave out swans for correct interjection,
Speak out of turn, instant rejection.
Unless given permission to “take the floor”
You would be outside the door.

Then there was PE and Games
Taught by a burly Welshman by the name of James
I once got a C in my report
“but I’ve never been was my retort”

Sociology & History; I was always so keen
Run by a teacher thorough to the last
Computer studies followed on fast
A BBC basic with a black and white screen
Kept in a cupboard with the Mr. Sheen.

For poor behaviour there was detention
In order to keep up pupil attention
I sat in the same desk during these sessions
Twice a week for minor transgressions

At 3:45 the bell rings again
To miss the bus is such a pain
Students stampede toward the gate
At this time of day no one’s late

You get home to mum’s honey bun
“any homework tonight my dear son?”
“No, never, never, never” is my reply
Of course she knows that I never lie!
I settle down to watch TV – oh what joy!
Such is the life of a normal school boy

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