Doves If I were not here
By Gary Alexander

If I were not here what would life be like?
Would anyone be any worse off for not knowing me?
Would their life be different in anyway
If I did not exist upon this day

If I did not make that first call to text or talk
If I did not send that email would anyone ever send
Any messages via text or email for me too reply to at this end

Would anyone ever notice as they went about their life
That there is someone for them in good times and strife
Whose existence makes no difference to anyone or anything

Would anyone notice if I were not here?
Probably only if I were not to appear
Apart from that no one would ever know
It's as if I were never here

If this life is any use to anyone
Please let me know so that I can tell someone
That someone who can it be?
I don't know as they were not here
As their existence never was or never shall be
It's as if I were never here

Would your life be any worse for not knowing me?
I very much doubt it as I am only ever a periphery
I am not the centre of anyone's existence
Out of sight out of mind

If I were not here
What would life be like
Who knows?
As it is as if I were never here!

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