The following is a selection of images taken during my
holiday to Mexico, August 2007

Tumul A view of Tumul Tumul The Caribbean from Tumul Another view of Mayan Culture Another view of Mayan Culture
Chichen Itza's main pyramid Chichen Itza's main pyramid The Observatory The Observatory at Chichen Itza 91 steps "91 steps to heaven"
Tree in the temples "Trees in the Temple" Coba Sepian Coba Overgrown Coba Coban undergrowth
Coba A Coban Pyramid prints Mexican Prints Yucatan View of the Yucatan
Uxmel Uxmel Prince "Prince" the Peacock Uxmal Uxmal's main pyramid
all souls fun All souls day fun! all souls fun More fun! Even more fun - it's the 1st November
art This looks arty! ruins Overgrown ruins growth New growth
breakfast The Breakfast Bar The pool The swimming pool - obviously! Dean's aftermath! Dean's aftermath!

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