Doves The Flibinites
By Gary Alexander - June 2018

The Flibinites

The flibinites appear when you least expect
With promises to behold and to give hope
Hope that the never ending repetition is over
With promises to be aware
Be aware of self and aware of all others
With promises to be there
Be there in body, mind and, of course, spirit
With promises to hold
To hold you ethereally and emotionally
The flibinites promise loyalty
Loyalty above everything
Above everything both now and forever
Forever until the day of reckoning
The flibinites are sycophants
Sycophants to the end
The flibinites welcome all
All are welcome in the flibinites inner sanctum
The inner sanctum of loveliness and total togetherness
The flibinites are your dream come true


Cross the flibinites just once and you are cast out
The flibinites can be perfidious to those who cross them
Cast others out into the lonely wilderness
The wilderness of inner darkness
The wilderness of total, inner turmoil
The turmoil of what went before but worse
The flibinites gave you a taste of what could be
That will now never be
You always knew that the flibinites were not for you
The truth will out
Flibinites move on
To the next sycophant who will do anything for acceptance
Into the inner sanctum where the new recruit can do no wrong

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