sunrise form hot air balloon


Christmas 2006
View of morning from balloon

Theban Hills Sunrise

The picture on the left was taken on 26th December during a hot air balloon trip over the West Bank. The views that you get are magnificent and both the title pictures were taken on the same trip.

The fact that you need to get up at 5am to catch the morning thermals is an irrelevance when you see the incredible views from the balloon.

However, it has been known for balloons to shoot straight over the river to the opposite bank where there are no support vehicles!

This picture is of Luxor Temple. The Temple rear of the has now been opened so that the temple can be seen from all angles. This has meant that during improvements the locale looked somewhat like a building site!.

The Avenue of Sphinxs is now being excavated. In pharaonic times this avenue would join the Temple of Luxor to the wonders of Karnak.

The picture was taken in black & white to give it a more enigmatic feel.

The Temple of Luxor
The new Luxor!

One of the benefits of the improvements in Luxor is that Temple Street is now beginning to look a lot better as this picture taken just before sunset demonstrates. It is now looking so much more sophisticated than it ever used to…

There is one thing that all visitors need to do to make Luxor even more special, that is not to use the fast food joints that are springing up in the town – use local restaurants and the whole ambiance improves as there will be a more Egyptian feel to the place.

Keep Luxor special - don’t let it lose its charms!!!

Sometimes life can be so stressful, however when you are having your breakfast with this view you can’t help but feel that life is good.

Having breakfast in the sun with the smell of flowers is wonderful, especially as you share you table with the local birds who are partial to the odd slice of toast or a piece of scrambled egg whilst you are away getting your juice or your fresh fruit.

Even so, you can’t please some people – some were asking for the restaurant door to be closed as there was a draft coming from outside where we were eating our breakfast in shorts!!!

View from breakfast table
Afternoon Tea

To make Christmas day special I decided that it would be nice to do afternoon tea in the Victoria Lounge of The Old Winter Palace.

The tea is served on bone china and comes with the usual scones, jam, cream, tea, cakes and sandwiches.

What makes this extra special is that the surroundings are so nice & you are also treated like royalty – there is certainly a feeling of elegance as you sip your tea.

You could also make a few extra pennies if you charge the people that come and stare at you – but don’t mind they are just jealous!!!!!!!!

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