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Over the years I have spent many hours cooking; more so when I was told that I have a intolerance to gluten. Most of my recipes do not contain gluten and very few have added salt. Some are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Cooking In Thailand One of the things you may notice is that when I cook I will not use low fat, low sugar etc as I feel that if you want to cook with a product you should use the 'real' ingredients.


The other rule that I normally use is that I if I cook vegan or vegetarian I will not use 'meat substitutes' as part of the fun of cooking is discovering new ingredients.


In the coming months I want to start baking, but to do this I need a new oven. I also need to stop eating the 'cack' snacks before I start baking. Finally I want to start cooking my own gluten free breads as the ones on the market are dreadful; ditto flatbreads.

Onion dahl

Onion Dhal


This is my version of onion dhal. Be warned; if you do not like garlic, avoid this. I would normally put in at least four cloves, if not more!!


To make it I use onions, garlic, a selection of pulses, more garlic, fresh coriander, tomato puree and, just in case there is not enough garlic, garlic pickle.


You need to cook the onions very slowly in olive oil; I only use extra virgin. I never use any other type of oil in my cooking. You cook the pulses; I will always change the water after the first boil. I also like my pulses ‘al dente’.


When onions and pulses are cooked, add the coriander and garlic pickle and cook for few minutes just to take the rawness from the puree.


This can be used as a sandwich filling but also goes with any type of meat. It is gluten free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. You will also notice that, as with a majority of my recipes it contains no added salt; do not worry, my cooking has never been accused of being tasteless or lacking salt.




Carrot and Ginger soup


I made this after finding some reduced ingredients in my local supermarket. The ingredients were baton carrots; reduced to 39p per bag. I bought two.


There was also some pre-sliced squash and sweet potato at 78p.


For flavour I decided upon fresh ginger; about 3cms.


Cook all together until carrots are soft using vegetable stock cubes; check ingredients as some may not be suitable for coeliacs. Blitz and then serve


How much stock you use depends how thick you like your soups; I like mine gloopy!


Carrot soup


Chicken with chili

Slow cooked chili chicken with brown rice



For this recipe you will need: chicken, mixed peppers, garlic, vine tomatoes, fresh coriander, chili flakes and brown rice. .


I used about 1.5 teaspoons of chili flakes – I normally use fresh chilis in cooking but for this recipe I felt that flakes would give it a more subtle taste. In terms of garlic I used five cloves but you could use less or more; remember that there is no salt in this dish. .


Start with boneless chicken thighs; brown in the pan with some olive oil. Cut the peppers into random sized pieces. Remove the tomatoes from the vine and cut into quarters. Add to the chicken along with about 500ml chicken stock. .


Cook on high for about three hours and then add the rice and cook until rice has absorbed the liquid to your satisfaction. .




Chicken with honey and mustard


This is a recipe that I have adapted from various ones that I cooked in the past. Originally it was made with pork but I recently cooked a recipe of ‘mustard chicken with parsnips’ and it has been adapted from that.


Use chicken breast or thighs; I hate chicken legs. Brown the chicken and place to one side whilst you prepare the rest of the ingredients, which are:


  • Mushrooms
  • Peppers – mixed
  • Spring onions
  • Chicken stock

    Roughly chop the above and add to the chicken with about 300ml stock. Cook either in a casserole dish or slow cook.


    To check that the chicken is cooked I always tear apart. In terms of amounts; that varies depending upon how many you are cooking for… be proportionate.



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