Ways to cruise the Nile

There are many ways to cruise the Nile. There are, of course, the cruise ships, but these go in convoy and as such you normally have the hustle of loads of tourists seeing the sites at the same time as you. The style of these boats range from basic to 5*, the major problem being that due to the size of them they are not normally very intimate. They are comfortable, the food is plentiful and the cleanliness is always second to none.

If you fancy a traditional mode of transport you can cruise the Nile on a felucca. Feluccas take you back to the time of the Pharaohs and are timeless. Obviously they offer basic accommodation and most people find these far too basic and I would not recommend these unless you are a seasoned traveller and want to experience the Egypt of the Pharaohs.

If you want luxury, intimacy, personal service and a feeling of being a traveller you must of course cruise the Nile upon a Dahahbeeyah. These offer sheer luxury, superb food and a bespoke trip that will remain in your memory forever.

The cabins offer beds that are usually 100% Egyptian cotton with views that you never possibly imagine. You are normally awoken in the morning to a breakfast that is prepared by the onboard chef. You have a shower and then luxuriate on deck whilst the Nile floats by and you doze whilst the water laps the side.

After visiting one of the ancient monuments alone, as this is a bespoke trip you can visit the sites after the hoards have departed, you then shower and dress casually for lunch, you then doze, afternoon tea is then prepared and is served on deck whilst children play in the river and the Ibis birds fly just about the water line looking for fish.

As you lay on your hand made cushion you think that life cannot get any better but the sun then starts to sets and this is when it becomes magical. The sun sets behind the western hills and you bathe in the last rays of the day. What makes this so much better is that there are not hoards of others trying to get the view as well. It�s all yours!!!

Having taken numerous trips up and down the Nile on all the ones listed I would not hesitate to book trip on a Dahahbeeyah as to me they take you back to the days before mass tourism, to the days of Amelia Edwards and Thomas Cook. They is no other way to travel and as I said to a companion once after having dinner on the back of a Dahahbeeyah under the full moon �This is perfection and paradise all in one� go on try it! You definitely will not regret it!

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